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Club Clips: May 23, 2019 Edition

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Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum has a better idea 

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A facsimile rotunda fashioned after the Ford landmark of bygone years now stands in lighted beauty in the forefront of the Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum. The story of the rotunda was told in the organization’s Foundation News (vol. 26, no. 5; P.O. Box 284, Auburn, IN 46706; Frank Scheidt, editor). It took 11 months to go from a bare piece of land to the point of pride for the 20,000-square foot museum, according to John Knecht, the group’s president.

The initial story for the rotunda display centered on Ford’s 1936 offerings, thanks to Joe Floyd, who led the way. A member of the board of trustees, Floyd challenged the Delphi Group known for professional exhibit designs to convert the idea to paper.“There will be a strong educational component in all of this,” says Knecht.

Why use the rotunda design? It will be a beacon to attract the curious and Ford faithful, with its new art deco lobby, slate tiles and soft lighting. It is a showcase to be sure.

Things like this simply do not happen in a vacuum. The 1936 stainless steel Ford is to be shown, and 11 cars were donated by Frank Corey through his will. The passing of supporter Steve Manion resulted in a generous gift to the museum. The effort continues at high speed with much more support needed.

The Corey cars range from a 1951 Mercury sport sedan to a 1978 Ford LTD Landau. This includes four 1953 Ford and three 1956s. “Frank knew that our focus is on the 1932-1953 era and expected that we would dispose of the ones newer than 1953, then use the money … to help with museum expenses,” it was noted in the issue.

As for the Floyd Collection, a hardbound book of 95 pages is offered, with stories about the cars that were donated. Floyd also shared with readers why he chose the 1936s as his particular focus in collecting. This and other items to support the museum cause may be explored at

A small “wish list” also is in the issue. It includes the opportunity for individuals to provide support for a fork lift, tool shed, golf cart and trailers

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