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Cobra Jets soar to new heights at Tom Mack 'Big Thursday' event


~ Charles H. Farley reporting

The Tom Mack Auctions are legendary for good deals and clean cars, but the Big Thursday Sept. 19 auction featuring a trio of 1969 428cid powered Mustang Fastbacks broke into the price stratosphere.

A gold/bronze example in # 1 condition hammered at $105,000, followed closely by a blue GT500 Shelby that garnered $87,150 including commission, and a brown #2 condition brought $69,000.

This strong showing by FOMOCO continued when droptops from 1954 to 1957 took their turn on the block.

As the Auctioneer's are wont to say, "When the top goes down, the price goes up!"

Sunliner or Skyliner mattered naught, as a black 1956 hammered sold at $59,000, and a two tone 1957 found a new owner at $57,500. A # 1 condition 1954 Mercury Monterey was not to be out done as it garnered $63,000 commission inclusive.

Five Model A's were offered with many selling on the money, Chevrolets with Super Sport badging also did extremely well as a group.

Look for a complete market report and price/condition listings in an upcoming issue of Old Cars Weekly magazine. In the meantime, enjoy some more Big Thursday snapshots:


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