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Corvettes at Carlisle to spotlight Bloomington Gold Benchmark Corvettes in unique display August 27-30

An amazing array of Bloomington Gold Benchmark Corvettes planned for Chip’s Choice 2020

Carlisle, PA – Corvettes at Carlisle presented by Top Flight Automotive is rapidly approaching and while themes/displays were set well in advance, the cars that are part of them are starting to come together. From August 27-30 Corvette lovers flocking to the Carlisle, PA Fairgrounds can enjoy some of the best of the best from the popular Bloomington Gold event as part of the annual Chip’s Choice display. The display, named in honor of the late Chip Miller and historically selected by his son Lance since Chip’s passing, is an all-star display with an ever-evolving theme. This year, the theme is the Best of Bloomington Gold and has been selected by their team.

Benchmark Award Winners grace this display with each car carrying their own impressive resume for all to see within Building T during event weekend. 10 cars, eight owners – decades of history. Seeing is believing, but in the meanwhile, here’s a little bit about each car confirmed to date direct from their owners*.

1961 Corvette - JOHN KEANE

1961 Corvette Convertible 283/270 HP RPO468
Owned by: John Keane, Gwynedd Valley PA

Benchmark® Award – 2017

Passing of Time - Born: November 1960: My present owner (who is my second owner) and I teamed up in August of 1961. We spent many happy times at the beach, at the tracks and in the mountains. One cold wintry Christmas Eve, even though I was dressed with studded snow tires, we had to be rescued by a local fire department. After 44 years of quiet time in my owner's garage, we decided it was time for a wake-up call. I still maintain over 98% of all my original parts! However, it took some dedicated prep work to bring me back to my present status. Once again meshing gears and spinning my wheels! I am excited to be part of the 2020 Chip's Choice, honoring Bloomington Gold Benchmark® Corvettes, and very proud to display and share my highlights, aging scars and fun times! What a ride it has been!

My honors include: Bloomington Gold SURVIVOR®, Gold and Benchmark®. NCRS Duntov Mark of Excellence and 5-Star Bowtie (One of four C1's to receive both awards.) MCACN (Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals) Vintage Certified to the level of "Legend".


1964 Corvette Sport Coupe 327/375 HP L84

Owned by: Christian and Cynthia Meyer, Lafayette IN

Benchmark® Award - 2014

When he was 19 years old, the original owner (Louis) engaged in some convincing discussion, mostly with his mother, and his parents purchased him a new 64 fuel-injected Corvette (we should all be so lucky). Louis polished it often and only took it out for drives on nice days, until fourteen (14) years later when he moved to a rural location with a dirt road. He couldn’t endure the thought of driving the car on a dirt road, so he reluctantly sold it. With the assistance of a few subsequent like-minded owners, the car was preserved in its current condition.

1966 Corvette -  LINDA STROHM-DUNLAP

1966 Corvette Convertible 427/425 HP L72

Owned by: Linda Strohm-Dunlap, Palatine IL

Benchmark® Award - 1991

My late husband, Carl Strohm, purchased this original, unrestored 1966 Corvette 427/425 L79 in 1980 from its original owner.

In 1991, the car was invited to be displayed at the Bloomington Gold Special Collection, where it also received Gold Certification, SURVIVOR and Benchmark awards. In 2016, the Corvette returned to Bloomington Gold for the 1966-2016 50th Anniversary display. Additional awards include the NCRS Duntov Mark of Excellence and 5-Star Bowtie. NCRS has used this car on several occasions as an example of an original car for their judges' training seminars.

1967 Corvette - LARRY SACHS

1967 Corvette Convertible 427/400 HP L68

Owned by: Larry Sachs, Scarsdale NY

Benchmark® Award - 2016

This 1967 Maroon / Black Vinyl interior 427/400hp is optioned with speedminder, shoulder harness, transistor ignition, factory side exhaust and a 370 rear axle. The car was purchased in November 1966 by Thomas Bleauskas, Tobyhana PA., from Norton Chevrolet in Philadelphia. After a long ownership , Bleauskas sold the car to the late Dana Pope, a very well known, astute, respected local Corvette enthusiast. After enjoying the car for a few years, Pope sold the car to Peter Borchert of Buckeye, AZ. During Peter’s ownership, from the late 90’s, he bravely and neatly removed the original gas tank sticker! After a few years of ownership, Mr. Borchert contacted me 15 years ago and I purchased the car from him. At that point, the car showed 31,000 original miles Since then I have driven this original unrestored car 4,000 miles.

The car had received numerous NCRS Top Flight awards through the years and I got an NCRS Top Flight award also. I then also decided to achieve the coveted Bloomington Gold Benchmark® Award and was awarded this wonderful banner of achievement 4 years ago. I hope you enjoyed reading about my treasured Corvette's history today!

1968 Corvette - THOMAS ELIAS SUGAR

1968 Corvette Coupe 327/350 HP L79

Owned by: Thomas Elias Sugar, Wantagh NY

Benchmark® Award - 2019

My SURVIVOR® (They are only original once!) is a 1968 Corvette delivered to Eugene Rambler at Jay Chevrolet in Haddonfield, NJ, on July 31st, 1968. Rally Red with Black Leather interior, it is powered by the venerable 327/350 HP L79 through the M20 4-speed transmission, 3.55 Positraction Rear Axle, and Off-road Exhaust. Notably optioned, including Rear Window Defroster, Speed Warning Indicator and Full Transistor Ignition, and wrestled (I bought the car in 15 seconds!) from the personal collection of Kevin Mackay. This four owner, highly original all lacquer coupe’s time capsule condition belies its 55,000 Northeast miles. The Corvette still rides on OEM PT6 F70-15 Goodyear red striped tires and proudly sports a set of stunning ‘68 only PO1 Full Wheel Covers. During the past year, and within a whirlwind three month span, (which has to be a record) the Corvette received an NCRS Top Flight, the MCACN Concours Gold and Triple Diamond, and Bloomington SURVIVOR®, Gold Certificate and Benchmark® awards!


1971 Corvette Coupe 454/425 HP LS6

Owned by: Linda Strohm-Dunlap, Palatine IL
Benchmark® Award – 2000

We purchased this amazing Corvette in 1973. Despite the gas price war and big block Corvettes depreciating, my husband just had to have this car as soon as he heard the reverberating exhaust. He knew the LS6 engine was very special but didn't really know how rare. (Only 188 from a total production of 21,801.)

In 2000 the Corvette was invited to the Bloomington Gold Special Collection, where it received Gold Certification, SURVIVOR® and the Benchmark® awards. The Corvette also earned NCRS Duntov Mark of Excellence and 5-Star Bowtie awards. The LS6 was featured on the cover of the Vette Vues Fact Book 1968-72 Corvettes and in Corvette, The Legend Lives On 1968-86

1972 Corvette Convertible 350/200 HP L48

Owned by: Christian & Cynthia Meyer, Lafayette IN

Benchmark® Award – 2012

The original owner (Anne) met Elliott Marantette “Pete” Estes, then president of the Chevrolet division of GM, during a reception in 1971. Anne told Mr. Estes of her dream to someday own a Corvette. The following week, a loaner Corvette appeared at Anne’s home with instructions to enjoy it for a month, courtesy of Mr. Estes. When Anne returned the loaner Corvette, she indicated her interest in ordering a new Corvette, but only if it was painted black at the factory. The story is unclear as to how Mr. Estes was involved in the process of procuring the only documented factory black Corvette in 1972, but Anne got her wish.

1972 Corvette -  STEVE AND WENDY BURNS

1972 Corvette Convertible 350/200 HP L48

Owned by: Steve & Wendy Burns, Clarkston MI
Benchmark® Award - 2018

This 1972 Corvette was delivered new at Lloyd Bridges Chevrolet in Chelsea, Michigan on July 28, 1972 finished in Targa blue paint, black vinyl interior, and a black top. Power comes from the base L48 engine backed by the M20 4-speed transmission. Options include a vinyl hardtop, power brakes, AM/FM stereo, and tilt/telescopic steering column.

This 5-owner car remains largely unrestored and shows just over 31,000 miles. It retains nearly all of its original paint, interior, top, and chassis components.

To date, the car has claimed some of the top awards in the Corvette hobby. After a Bloomington SURVIVOR award in 1992 it claimed SURVIVOR®, Gold, and Benchmark® honors in 2018 and participated in the 2019 Gold Collection. Other recent awards include NCRS Top Flight and 4-Star Bowtie, plus MCACN Concourse Gold and Triple Diamond. Its entire judging career has been published in’s popular “On the Campaign Trail” series.

1978 Corvette -  DAVID GROSS

1978 Corvette Indy 500 Pace Car 350/220 HP L82

Owned by: David Goss, Terre Haute IN

Benchmark® Award - 2018

1978 marked the first year for the Chevrolet Corvette to pace the Indianapolis 500. Chevrolet announced they were going to build only 500 Pace car replicas. Rumors of this limited production and media attention resulted in many buyers paying above list price. Chevrolet revised production numbers to 6502. This allowed one for every dealer in the U.S. and Canada and a group of track cars.

Pace Car #2487 was one of only 220 four speed cars and was equipped with the higher horsepower L82 engine. The car was sold new at Burns Chevrolet in Idaho and has under 1900 original miles. The car has been awarded Bloomington Gold Benchmark®, NCRS 5 Star Bowtie, and MCACN Triple Diamond.

1990 Corvette -  RICK HENDRICK

1990 Corvette ZR1 5.7L 350/380 HP LT5

Owned by: Rick Hendrick, Charlotte NC

Benchmark® Award - 2019

The ZR-1 Corvette was the performance icon of the ‘90s, with the high-tech muscle to back up its super-car reputation. This 1990 Corvette ZR-1 was the first production car released to the public and was presented to Rick Hendrick by Jim Perkins, General Manager of Chevrolet, at the Bowling Green Assembly plant.

This historic Corvette was bestowed with Bloomington Gold 7 Generations honors as well as being a 2012 Great Hall Inductee. This beautiful and rare C4 has been well-preserved throughout the years helping it to earn its Bloomington Gold Benchmark® Certification in 2019. The ZR-1 featured a three-inch wider rear track, necessitated by its oversize 315/35-17 rear tires. Under the hood and exclusive to the ZR-1 is the LT5 engine, jointly developed with Lotus and built by Mercury Marine the aluminum engine was capable of producing 380 horsepower. The ZR-1 set new benchmark® levels of performance for Corvette.

*Please note that while 10 cars have been confirmed via eight owners, due to world events, the display may change without notice. If there’s a specific car you’re looking to see and traveling long distances, consider calling 717-243-7855 in advance to confirm its placement.

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