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Doc Hudson is coming to Wisconsin Dells

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Starting July 8th and running through the 14th, the Hudson Essex, Terraplane (HET) Historical Society’s Doc Hudson replica will be at Chula Vista Resort in the Wisconsin Dells along with close to 100 other Hudson made vehicles, when Hudsons Rock the Dellsduring the 59th Annual HET Club International Meet.

Doc Hudson, the 1951 Fabulous Hudson Hornet was the creation of animators at Pixar’s Animation Studio for its 2006 computer animated adventure, Cars. In reality, the Hudson Motor Car Company was an early supporter ofauto racing. With race drivers like Marshall Teague, Herb Thomas, Herb Flock and others; Hudson Hornets dominated the tracks accounting for 13 wins in 1951, 49 wins in 1952 and 46 wins in 1953 and was christened the fabulous Hudson Hornet. At the meet, children (and adults too) will be allowed to sit in Doc, so be sure to bring a camera.

The Hudson Motor Car Company first started producing cars in 1909 in Detroit and later Hudson products were produced by American Motors Corporation in Kenosha, WI from 1954-1957. It’s history as a standout in automotive innovation with improvements that changed the course of the American automotive industry is well documented.

This year’s HET International Meet has members traveling from 36 states, an APO, plus Canada, New Zealand and the UK. At present, Hudsons attending range from a 1929 Essex to 1954 Hudson Hornets and most years in between. Hudsons will be part of a police escorted tour to downtown Dells on Saturday, July 14th starting at noon driving along Broadway to Superior. They will then be parked along Washington Street between Superior and Elm for public viewing or they can be seen during the week at Chula Vista Resort.

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