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Documentary about Italian car and motorcycle maker Iso Rivolta

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The Iso Rivolta Chronicles tells the story of one of Italy’s visionary motorcycle and automotive manufacturers, Iso Rivolta.

Iso Rivolta was an Italian Pioneering automotive brand of the 50s and 60s. A family business led by Renzo Rivolta. In the late 40s, Renzo decided to transform his company from the production of refrigerators to the manufacturing of motorcycles. Rivolta's vision was on spot; during the 50s, Italian motorcycle production experienced a boom, led by Piaggio’s Vespa, Innocenti’s Lamretta and the Iso Moto.

He then set his sights on automobiles. Renzo produced various automotive models from city cars like the “Bubble Car” to luxury sport cars with American V8 engines. The most famous of these cars was the Iso Grifo which was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and Giotto Bizarrini at Bertone. 

When Renzo died his son Piero Rivolta took the reins until a combination of the artisanal production philosophy and the oil crisis rendered the cars too expensive as compared to other manufacturer’s with streamlined manufacturing approaches. Iso Rivolta closed its doors for the last time in 1974.

Film makers, An Italian Garage have produced an eight-part documentary telling the story of the lost motorcycle and automotive maker. The series is called"The Iso Rivolta Chronicles.”Every episode centers around one particular model and its collector or restorer.

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