Drug dealer's seized 'Vette now catching speeders

A North Carolina sheriff’s department uses a ‘Vette for traffic patrol.
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GM publicity photoof a black Corvette Z06

According to the online issue of News & Observer, Raleigh, the Wake County Sheriff’s Department uses the black ‘Vette on traffic patrol. It has a 505 horsepower V8 racing engine, which tops out at 198-mph. Base sticker price is $74,875, but it cost the department nothing to acquire, other than the manpower to seize it.

Wake County isn’t the first North Carolina sheriff’s department to use muscle cars, said the News & Observer.

Davidson County once had a Chevrolet Impala SS rebuilt by a NASCAR team-owner with a Corvette engine and two tanks of nitrous oxide to boost horsepower. A painting of a black widow spider was emblazoned on the side doors. The “Spider Car” was sold at auction for $32,000 in 2005, after the sheriff who drove it was removed from office and convicted of corruption charges.

In Forsyth County, former sheriff Ron Barker bought several Camaro Z28s in 1999 for a special Highway Interdiction Team. The sheriff’s grandson and a deputy, soon wrecked and totaled the $21,000 sports car while traveling in excess of 100 miles per hour during a high-speed pursuit.

Source: newsobserver.com

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