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Going to Tulsa to see the '57 Plymouth unearthing at the town square? Leave your umbrella and suntan lotion at home, because you probably won't get to see the car pulled from the earth. But don't sweat it – event planners have a better plan in mind.

Due to the development of Tulsa over the past 50 years, the area around the Plymouth's burial site is relatively limited. Since only a few hundred people were at the car's burial, space wasn't an issue back in '57. But now that thousands of people are expected at the time capsule dig-up, Tulsarama officials have had the foresight to develop a new plan that will allow everyone to see the car's opening from the capsule, even though they won't get to see the capsule get pulled from the earth. And that's a good thing.

Here's the plan: Tulsarama officials will unearth the time capsule from the town square at noon on June 15, which should be a rather uneventful experience. The excitement begins when the still-sealed time capsule carrying the Plymouth and its contents are carried by truck from the burial site to the nearby Tulsa Convention Center. The capsule will be placed in the convention center and at 6:30 p.m. June 15, the capsule's contents ('57 Plymouth and the other items stashed in the car) will be revealed when the capsule is cracked open.

Officials have prepared for the event with large monitors, which will be focused on the capsule when it is opened, ensuring a good view of the opening of the time capsule. And since the convention center seats 9,000 people, there should be enough space to seat everyone who wants to witness the historic event.

Tickets for the unveiling in the Tulsa Convention Center are $5 for upper level seating and $10 for a better view on the lower level. Tickets can be ordered at the convention center box office, or go to With all of the interest surrounding this event, we suggest ordering the tickets online ahead of time to beat the rush and not risk missing out.

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