Fabled Car Collection Headed for British Auction Block

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LONDON -- British Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has announced plans to auction 50 rare and valuable cars from his collection in October.

The sale of the cars, which Ecclestone, has been collecting since the 1950s, are expected to bring in more than $30 million, the U.K. Mail newspaper reported.

The collection -- which some car experts have called one of the most important in the world -- includes a Mercedes Roadster worth more than $6 million and a 1964 Ford Anglia worth about $10,000.

Buyers will also have a chance at rarities like the swastika-decorated Lancia Astura Lungo that Benito Mussolini gave Adolph Hitler in 1938.

Ecclestone, 76, is one of the wealthiest men in Britain with an estimated $6 billion fortune. According to the newspaper, he is not selling off his collection because he needs the quick cash.

Instead, the race team owner has said he wants to have more time to focus on Formula 1.

A spokesman for RM Auctions, which is handling the sale of the cars at Battersea Park, London, in October, said:

"The collection, built up over decades of careful acquisition, is composed of a variety of automobiles that represent many marques and eras.

"This auction marks what will be the first and only public exhibition of the Ecclestone Collection."

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