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Final push to tell Congress to pass RPM Act

SEMA SAN is urging all hobbyists to contact their representatives to pass the RPM Act that makes it clear that it is legal to convert street-vehicles into race cars.
Act Now RPM Act
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Time is running out—let’s finish the job now! Tell Congress to pass the RPM Act in 2020 and make clear that it is legal to convert street-vehicles into dedicated race cars. Your members of Congress could help enact this critical bill into law as the 2019-2020 legislative session nears a close—however, they need to hear from you right away!

Now more than ever, our message must be heard! Don’t wait—even if you already sent your lawmakers a letter in support of the RPM Act, they need to hear from you again as Congress decides which issues must be addressed in the final weeks of the session.

Sign the Letter

It only takes a moment. Every letter counts!

Two Easy Things You Can Do to Help Pass the RPM Act

SAN Fight Unfair Laws
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