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First Camaro, no. 100001, to be at Iola Car Show

Iola 2017

Iola, WI - Fifty years ago marked GM’s entry into the sports car marketplace with the introduction of the Chevy Camaro. A direct response to the popular Ford Mustang, the advent of the Camaro sparked perhaps the most notable and significant automotive rivalry of the century.

 photo - Al Rogers

photo - Al Rogers

“The Camaro introduced high-end style, options and performance to the every-man’s budget,” said Larry Fechter, Managing Director of the Iola Car Show.“To the baby-boom generation, this was a stylish affordable car you could take to the track, cruise the streets, and proudly show off anywhere you’d want to go.” The styling of the original has certainly stood the test of time, with new-gen models invoking the classic lines of the ’67.

The Special Exhibit tent of Iola will feature rare Camaros from all generations, but perhaps none more interesting than N100001, the original prototype Camaro.Discovered by chance by a kid not old enough to drive, General Motors couldn’t have dreamed up a more surprising life for this car if they’d tried.No. 1 had been modified, raced and seen several owners.

With plenty of work, research and bit of luck, her new owners were able acquire all the original parts.The pilot Camaro can now be seen in all its beautifully, originally restored glory, along with the father and son who made this remarkable story possible in Iola this July 6-8.

The Iola Car Show is a non-profit organization whose volunteers annually contribute more than 30,000 volunteer to the production if its monumental event.Iola Old Car Show, Inc has given back more than $2.5 million over the past decade to its volunteer organizations.2017 will mark the 45th annual show. Visit

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