First Glance: Corvettes 'Spring Ahead' at March 9 GAA Auction

Corvettes grabbed the spotlight at the GAA Classic Spring Sale, held from March 7-9 at The Palace in Greensboro N.C.
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This 1967 Stingray was the top 'Vette sold at $145,000.

By Charles Farley

At recent area auctions, the classic Corvettes have not been fetching top dollar, sellers have held tight to their reserves and not many had heard the hammer fall. All this changed Saturday afternoon at the GAA Classic Spring Sale, held from March 7-9 at The Palace in Greensboro N.C.

The stock market is up, IRS is sending out checks, the weather has finally improved... Take your pick, but previously closed wallets are opening up.

The six-figure ceiling was smashed when a number 1 condition 1967 Stingray (pictured top) manufactured August 17, 1967, with the 427 Tri power option was bid to and declared sold at $145,000.


A 1959 cherry Corvette with twin 450cfm WCFBs on a 283 and a four speed changed hands for $69,000.

Several 327 powered Stingrays also sold at book or above, pictured is a nice 1965 example with Side Pipes and Knockoffs that hammered for $57,500.


At the lower end of the spreadsheet was a one of a kind, nicely done 1968 Corvette Station Wagon. Judge for yourself in the pictures, it truly looked like a factory model.


The owner said many purists are at first glance put off by the notion, but upon close examination give their approval. It sold for $28,500. If you saw it at the show, you would agree the buyer got a deal.

The event kicked off Thursday night with a no reserve sale of 20 cars.

The Market Report reads as follows:

  • 1968 Chrysler $86,000
  • 1956 Ford $20,000
  • 1965 Mustang $18,500
  • 1968 Camaro SS $19,900
  • 1998 Corvette $16,700
  • 1964 Buick $17,000
  • 1953 Chevrolet $16,500
  • 1999 Mercedes $15,000
  • 1970 Corvette $14,500
  • 1959 Thunderbird $9,000
  • 1971 GMC $6,100
  • 2001 BMW Z3 $5,700
  • 1968 GMC $5,400
  • 1993 Chevrolet $4,500
  • 1979 AMC Concord $5,200
  • 1967 Ford $4,300
  • 1989 Pontiac $4,300
  • 1987 Oldsmobile $3,700
  • 1995 Camaro $3,100
  • 1987 Pontiac $3,000.

The complete auction results will be forthcoming in an upcoming print issue of Old Cars Weekly magazine, or posted on line at WWW.GAAClassicCars.Com.

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