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First Mustang hard top to be sold at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Jan. 19th

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The first 1964 Ford Mustang hard top will be offered for sale to a new owner for the first time in 20 years, since the time it was recognized by its true title. It is scheduled for auction at the Barrett – Jackson Scottsdale Classic Car Auction on Saturday afternoon, January 19, 2019. This museum quality restored Caspian Blue Mustang is world known by its true origin names: as a surviving Ford pilot plant car (one of three known to exist), as a Dearborn pre-production vehicle, and as the first Mustang Hard Top to receive a VIN, 5F07U100002. Provenance is complete in a binder with all of its history from day one. The number of all Mustangs built by Ford is now over 10 million – this was the first Hard Top.

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