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Friend of old car hobby Ralph Muller has passed away

Ralph Muller, racer and one of the founders of Monticello's Annual Rod & Custom Car Show, had died.

The old cars hobby lost a friend recently. Ralph Muller passed away on December 5th. Below is his obituary.

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Ralph G. Muller, long time car enthusiast from Monticello, Iowa, passed away peacefully December 5, 2020, at age 80. He enjoyed family and friends, attending races, car shows, swap meets and all Chevrolet vehicles. In 1970, he along with two friends, founded the Annual Rod and Custom Car Show in Monticello which is still held annually. In 1982 he founded the Annual Parts Swap Meet (spring and fall) held in Monticello which is still held annually. He also raced at drag strips in the area and beyond with three different Chevrolet cars, most notable his homebuilt 1937 Chevrolet D/Gas coupe. The car was metal flake blue, had a tilt front end (hood, grille and fenders) and a Big Foot cartoon on the grille. Muller is survived by his three bothers, Dean (Rose Mary), Galen and Tom, a sister-in-law Toni and two nephews and three nieces. He was preceded in death by his parents and his brother, Eldon P. Muller. 

The homebuilt 1937 Chevrolet D/Gas coupe

The homebuilt 1937 Chevrolet D/Gas coupe

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