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Gilmore Car Museum receives humanities grant

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LANSING, MI — Michigan Humanities announced the distribution of $203,101 in grants to 16 Michigan organizations in support of public humanities programming.

The Gilmore Car Museum was awarded $3,850 for the educational program titled Birth of the Automobile: Horse-drawn Buggy to Horseless Carriage.

The educational department will work with a small team of participants, both on site and at select schools, to transform a horse-drawn buggy into a gasoline-powered horseless carriage which resembles a 1909 Holsman High Wheel motor buggy. The project results will be shared with students across Michigan.

For more information on Michigan Humanities' future programs, upcoming grant opportunities or how you can support these efforts, please visit or call (517) 372-7770.

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6865 W Hickory Rd, Hickory Corners, MI 49060

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