Breaking news: GM Heritage cars will stay in B-J auction

The NHTSA had threatened to pull the plug on the remaining GM Heritage Collection cars scheduled to cross the auction block this weekend in West Palm Beach, Fla., but an agreement as apparently been reached and the auction will continue.
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This just in from Barrett-Jackson Florida: B-J President Craig Jackson announced Friday his legal team, with help from General Motors' legal team, has hammered out a deal with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) insuring that all the vehicles offered by GM at the GM Heritage Collection vehicles would remain on the menu for this weekend's Palm Beach auction event. Earlier today, the NHTSA had apparently issued a legal order barring any more Heritage Collection vehicles from crossing the block, reportedly due to concerns over the vehicles' salvage titles.

Gary Bennett, Vice President with Barrett-Jackson, announced that all of the car that were scheduled to cross the block during the remainder of the day today and on Saturday would be run as scheduled. He made no mention of the vehicles that were not run on Thursday or the early part of Friday before the announcement, but speculation is they will be fit into the program as time permits.

A total of 194 lots were scheduled to be run today. Overall, 117 of the 488 published lots in the West Palm Beach sale were from this General Motors Collection.

UPDATE: The agreement between GM, Barrett-Jackson and the NHTSA is believed to have been resolved after the sellers agreed that certain vehicles in the collection, which included several concept vehicles, would be sold on "salvage" or "not able to be registered for the road" status and under no circumstances would be registered for road use. The NHTSA had stopped the sale midway through the first day of the auction on Thursday due to concerns that buyers might attempt to register non-qualifying vehicles for street use.


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