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Ignore the Rumors: Fall Hershey IS Happening

Russell Flick has seen the rumors swirling online and even in person about the cancelation of Fall Hershey, and he’s trying to stop them at every turn.
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In whack-a-mole fashion, Russell Flick has been trying to stomp out the false rumors that the AACA’s “Fall Hershey” meet isn’t happening. That’s simply not true, and Flick wants to set the record straight.

“It’s 100 percent happening this year,” said Flick, president of the Hershey Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America, the club that has hosted the Eastern Fall Meet in Hershey, Pa., each year since it was started in 1954. The 2021 event will be held October 6-9, again around Hersheypark Stadium in Hershey. There’s also an agreement already in place for the 2022 event to be held at the same location.

“The rumors are that Hershey is mad [at the club], they don’t want us anymore, the show is moving,” Flick said. “That’s not true. We are welcome there, and our relationship with Hershey Entertainment Resorts is strong. They are great people to work with; we’ve been working with them for years and years.”

Flick has seen the rumors swirling online and even in person, and he’s trying to stop them at every turn.

“I overhead one guy telling his friends that the meet was canceled, so I asked him where he heard that. He said, ‘I heard it from people.’ I asked him, ‘Who did you hear it from?’ He just said, ‘Around,’ then he asked me how I knew it wasn’t true. I told him, ‘Because I am the president of the club!’

“We want people to know we will be there [at the meet], and you won’t notice anything different about the show,” Flick added.

Turn out at the 2021 Fall Meet is expected to be as good as it has always been. Flick said pre-registration is right on par with the 2019 regarding the number of flea market and car corral vendors.

According to Flick, 2021 will be a particularly good year to attend. The new AACA National Headquarters and its Library & Research Center will be the open during the show, so visitors to the meet can take a tour and even spend some time doing their own research. The new building is immediately adjacent to the Hersheypark Stadium and an easy walk from the meet’s Orange Field or Car Corral.

To learn more about the AACA Hershey Region’s 2021 Eastern Fall Meet in Hershey, aka Fall Hershey, go to or call 717-566-7720.

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