Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum undergoing makeover

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According to an article on, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum is undergoing a major makeover.

The Museum is creating a more streamlined experience. Earlier this year they dropped the “Hall of Fame” from their name and re-branded themselves as the Indianapolis Motor SpeedwayMuseum. They have also updated their logo and opened a new website:


This past May they expanded their museum by over 6,000 square feet of exhibit space. With the expanded space they plan on opening two new exhibits in late 2016 - early 2017. Both exhibits will showcase vehiclesbuilt in Indiana.The first exhibition will be called "Indiana Automobiles:Precision Over Production” and will focus on the legendary Indiana brands, such as Stutz, Duesenberg, Studebaker, and Marmon. There will be more than 35 historic vehicles displayed including cars that have never been displayed. The "Indiana Automobiles: Precision Over Production" exhibition will run from December 6, 2016 - March 26, 2017. Betsy Smith, executive director of the non-profit Indianapolis Motor Speedway Foundation, stated, “This exhibit focuses on Indiana’s early, widespread automotive industry, which spurred the development of acres of farmland into the world’s largest sporting facility. Lessons learned at ‘The Greatest Race Course in the World’ made their way into these outstanding passenger cars, which offered enhanced performance and safety.”

The second featured exhibition will focus on Indiana-built race cars, including Speedway founder Carl Fischer’s 1905 Premier. 

In the future, the museum's upcoming exhibits will feature the 40th anniversary of A.J. Foyt’s record breaking fourth win at the Indianapolis 500 as well as an exhibit honoring “Super Tex” displaying the legend’s four “500” winning cars together.

Along with new exhibits the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum is revamping the entire museum experience by adding more interactive exhibits and displays integrating new technology. Robert Dyson, IMSM board member added, “The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum is undergoing a revitalization, and we are now focusing on how to make major changes in the museum and visitor experience, including interactive exhibits that tell the stories of the drivers and their cars and immerse visitors in the experience of the Indy 500 and the rich history of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.”

To find out more about the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum please visit:

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