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IOLA ’16 to feature trucks and Chargers


The 2016 Iola Car Show in Iola, Wis., will feature all Dodge Chargers, from the original 1966 to today’s Hellcat, and trucks of all sizes and makes. Owners of trucks and Chargers are invited to register their vehicles for the displays.

If it weren’t for the Dodge Charger sub-theme, the 2016 Iola Car Show would have to change its name to the Iola Truck Show.

For the first time ever, the Iola Car Show will recognize the trucks that have built the American city and countryside alike at its annual event, to be held in Iola, Wis., July 7-9. The event will welcome trucks of all sizes, from 1/2-ton pickup trucks that see commercial and commuter use to vintage dump trucks, tanker trucks, delivery trucks and every type of truck up to and including retired semi-trucks.

Along with trucks, the IOLA ’16 will also feature Dodge’s indomitable Charger. From muscle car to sports compact to luxury car, the Dodge Charger has had many lives, and all will be featured as part of this year’s Iola Car Show. Organizers are planning to see swoopy fastback 1966 Dodge Chargers, the Coke-bottle-shaped 1968-1970 models made famous by “The Dukes of Hazard” and Steve McQueen in “Bullit,” and the fuselage-shaped 1971-1974 models, all the way up to today’s Hellcat model.

To register your truck or Dodge Charger for the Theme Area of the Iola Car Show, contact the show office at 715-445-4000 or write to More information can also be found at

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