Iola Vintage Military Show Aug. 14-15

Event will also feature Gun Show with Vintage Tractors and Equipmentt
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This weekend’s 19th annual Iola Vintage Military & Gun Show with Vintage Tractors and Equipment will have many activities for entertainment and a variety of collector’s interests on the Iola Old Car Show grounds.

To start the weekend of activities, the Iola Vintage Military Show will host an auction of the Jeep Collection of Chet Krause by Aumann Auctions beginning at 3 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 13. The offering will consist of 25 different military jeeps. Among those being offered is a Ford GPW WWII Amphibious Jeep. This is probably the best amphibious jeep known after undergoing a several hundred thousand dollar restoration. To read more about the auction, click here.

The Iola Vintage Military Show promotes the conservation, preservation and display of historic military equipment. This event will share and invites the display of military history as an important role military veterans and their equipment have made for peace and freedom.

The array of other collector’s vintage military vehicles and equipment of the past will continue along with Vintage Tractors and Equipment which played such a big part of the past.

For comparative and educational purposes, living encampments will set up near the swap area with re-enactors. They will be involved in living history and weapon demonstrations. The popular World War II battle reenactments will happen in the afternoon as well as a reenactment of the Vietnam era for Saturday and Sunday.

The Gun Show continues to be a convenient indoor exhibit on the grounds. A variety of gun related items will be for both exhibit and display.

On Saturday morning the show will welcome back Walter Auer, who served with the German Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front during World War II and authored the book, “The Way We Actually Were,” and Christine Miller, who served on the Eastern Front during World War II and compiled the book, “Campaign in the East, A diary of her father Heinz Postenrieder.”

Other highlights include a Community Blood Center blood drive and a USO-type show beginning at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday. Opening the show will be uniforms and dress fashions of the time displayed by volunteers and re-enactors. The Justmann Band will play background music and swing right into a Big Band Show -- “Moonlight Serenade.” A dinner is offered for an additional charge from 4-6 p.m.

Daily gate admission (which includes the USO show) is: Adults, $6, Children (ages 6-12), $4.

For more information: Iola Vintage Military Show, PO Box 1, Iola, WI 54945; phone 715-445-4005; e-mail; or visit

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