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Mark your Calendar: The Alan Egelseer Collection Auction


When we’re growing up, we all have grand Ideas. Alan Egelseer was no exception. He had set goals for his life when he was little. He knew that he wanted a car, and he loved anything automotive.

Alan bought his first car, a Model A Ford, when he was 12 years old. Alan said that he loved them and could fix them. He was able to buy them cheap, fix them up, and sell ’em. He says he sold MANY Model A’s by the time he was 16.

Alan started his business ethics early, with selling these Model A Fords. Even though Alan was at a young age, people knew that Alan would treat them right, and people like to buy from Alan. This trend kept throughout his years, and soon he started a salvage yard with 25 cars. Alan would use his people skills, to build the yard to one of the biggest in the Midwest. It seems that his love for cars was treating him right. Alan sold the Salvage Yard, and still works with selling NOS parts.


Alan married his High School sweetheart and she went along for the ride, working with and supporting her husband’s automotive career and love. Alan has always been collecting and after selling the yard, he had more time for his hobby.

Alan has been collecting for over 60 years anything automotive and was attending swap meets and was known for quality parts. Alan bought many NOS parts from dealerships, private collections, and has bought cars and parts from friends. People once again knew that they would be treated right.


There have been many cars and every year, the Egelseer sent out their Christmas card each year with a different car from the collection. The cars were always a part of the family. Alan and Carol have three kids – two boys and one girl – and they all went on trips and paraded with the cars. Alan has been a member of the Early V8 Club and the area Historical Society. History is important to Alan. It just goes along with the cars and their part in history.

Now is the time, to start reducing his collection. A recent trip to the doctor in October, lead to heart surgery, and a wakeup call to simplify his life. Alan is fully recovered and ready to enjoy life. He’s keeping some cars to play with but the auction will feature some amazing cars from his collection.

The collection will be offered on May 2 at 9 a.m. There is something for everyone and will include vehicles, parts, memorabilia and more. VanDerBrink Auctions will offer this collection at no reserve. The auction will be on the edge of Hustisford, Wis., and all will be selling live on-site and also lots being offered online through .


The collection has some amazing cars which include several 1932 Ford Cabriolets and many 1932 parts. A beautiful 1951 Mercury Coupe, 1940 Ford Coupe, several rare 1953-55 Ford wagons, and more. The collection has nice selection of signs, Kiddy Cars, and hundreds of Ford parts, shop equipment, and more. If you are looking for a beautiful restored car to a project, or signs, parts, and more, you won’t want to miss the Alan Egelseer Collection Reduction Auction.

Preview will be Friday, May 1, and the auction will start at 9AM. Be on time. For more information of this auction call VanDerBrink Auctions at 605-201-7005 or check the website at If you can’t come to the auction, bid on cars, memorabilia, and other items at The majority of the parts will be sold to on-site bidders.

See you in Hustisford, Wisconsin on May 2!

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