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Mecum auctions Guarise automobilia collection

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This flanged Sealed Power Authorized Service (w/lady diver graphic) 20x31-inch tin sign sold for $2,800.

Story and photos by Ron Kowalke

As part of Mecum Auctions’ 24th annual Spring Classic sale in Indianapolis, Ind., May 17-22, a separate auction arena was enlisted in addition to the vehicle podium for the purpose of offering several prominent collections of automobilia. Among these items of automotive collectibles was the 400-piece, 30-year collection of Mike Guarise that was offered for sale on May 21.

Highlights of this large collection were high-end gas- and oil-related pieces, rare neon signs and porcelain single- and double-sided tin signs including several promoting legendary automotive dealerships such as Mr. Norm’s, Nickey and Yenko.

Among the top-selling items were:

Chevrolet Super Service 60-inch-diameter milk-glass neon sign, $20,000

1928 Pontiac (early black) 96x48-inch porcelain neon sign, $8,500

Yenko “bowtie” style 55-inch neon sign, $7,000

Dodge-Plymouth Approved Service 42-inch-diameter porcelain neon sign, $7,000

Dodge Scat Pack 57x32-inch light-up plastic sign, $7,000

Pontiac Service 48-inch-diameter porcelain neon sign, $6,100

Chevrolet Super Service 60-inch diameter porcelain sign, $5,500

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A Chevrolet - America’s No. 1 Choice 24x32-inch plastic light-up sign sold for $750.

Dodge-Plymouth 30x65-inch porcelain neon sign, $5,500

Pontiac Goodwill Used Cars 49x72-inch porcelain neon sign, $5,200

Chevrolet Super Service 42-inch-diameter porcelain sign, $5,000

Bennett Clockface Gulf-branded gas pump, $4,750

OK Used Cars Nickey Chevrolet 62x84-inch steel neon sign, $4,500

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OK Used Cars - 427 Miles to Yenko Chevrolet 40x60-inch square tin sign, $4,000

McColl-Frontenac Products (w/Indian Chief graphic) 30-inch-diameter porcelain sign, $4,000

Pontiac Service Manager metal light-up 10x24-inch sign, $3,600

Gilbarco Red Crown (w/globe topper) gas pump, $3,500

Firestone Tires “shield”-style 39-inch porcelain sign, $3,500

United Motors Authorized Service (w/AC Products byline) 18x14-inch porcelain sign, $3,500

Mr. Norm’s Grand Spaulding Dodge 48-inch neon sign, $3,200

Nickey Powered 55-inch neon sign, $3,200

Golden Shell Motor Oil “clamshell” design 36-inch tin sign, $3,100

Diamond Gasoline quadrangular 40x70-inch porcelain sign, $2,900

Kan-O-Tex w/Ethyl 42-inch-diameter porcelain sign, $2,900

Marathon Products 48-inch diameter porcelain sign, $2,800

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This flanged Registered AC Spark Plug Cleaning Station (w/comical horse in

shower graphic) tin sign sold for $575.

Sealed Power Authorized Service 20x31-inch flanged tin sign, $2,800

Wadhams Gasoline w/Ethyl 42-inch-diameter porcelain sign, $2,600

Chevrolet Service 20-inch diameter neon clock, $2,300

Pontiac (w/Indian head graphic) 36-inch-diameter porcelain sign, $2,200

For complete results of the Mecum Auctions Indianapolis memorabilia sales, visit

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