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Military meets Muscle

Editor Input Needed

Reader Robert Bell sent in a few snapshots of a Pennsylvania salvage yard he visited. The yard is an interesting mix of muscle cars and military vehicles, though several prewar cars and vehicles from other eras can be found. Below is the helpful note Bell submitted regarding the yard:

"I am enclosing photos of some vehicles located at Verost Used Cars and Trucks in Philipsburg, Pa. In 1985, current owner Jim Verost took over the business from his father, who had operated it since 1949.
"The yard covers 17 acres and contains a mix of late-model salvage cars, as well as a large collection of vintage cars and trucks. Jim says all the vehicles are for sale, and he does offer parts shipping. The yard is open every day except Sundays, and he does allow customers to roam the yard. His phone number is 814-342-3121."


A heart painted on the radiator is an ominous sign that this 1931 Model A two-door sedan is a lover, not a fighter, as it appears to have lost the battle against decay. The Ford is returning to earth next to some other prewar iron at the edge of the yard.


Surface rust on the top side of this 1958 Dodge Power Giant W300 doesn't keep it from being unrestorable.


Could this be the seven-passenger Dodge D14 Luxury Liner Sedan that reader Randy Emery was looking for in the "Sound Your Horn" section of the May 3 issue? Perhaps, but a perspective buyer would have foliage to contend with in order to look for jump seats inside the car.


There are lots of General Motors machines in this section of the yard, the most obvious in this photo being the 1965 Impala SS with its share of rust. Since it's a 396-cid car with a four-speed, it might be worth restoring. Verost also has a 1967 Impala SS with a 396-cid V-8.


All that appears to be missing from this 1963 Cadillac Series 62 four-window sedan is a hubcap. The four-door hardtop was last driven in 1987, and looks as though it could be fired up again.


Even though there's not much left of this first-generation Firebird, the car's handsome lines are still obvious. This 1969 F-Bird appears to be parked in front of an El Camino.

Verost J.jpg

There are no "SS" badges on this full-size '69 Chevy Caprice, but it packs a bigger wallop than the Impala Super Sports in the yard. That's because this four-door hardtop packs a 427-cid V-8, as well as air conditioning, tilt wheel, cruise control and power windows and seat.


Bent, torqued and a bit rusty, this 1970 Chevelle Super Sport looks a bit rougher and less than complete than the Impala Super Sports at Verost's yard. This A-body muscle car originally came with a 396-cid V-8, but it appears to have been displaced by sheet metal from other cars. The yard is believed to have at least two other 1970 Chevelles.

Verost K.jpg

Many retired workhorses now call Verost home, including the 1954 Willys fire truck on the left and the Chevy Blazer-based M1009 CUCV military vehicle on the right. These gems both look like they are regularly driven.

This 1967 Dodge Power Wagon WM300 was originally owned by the Pennsylvania Forest Bureau and has only 537 miles on it. The truck originally carried a fire pumper body.

Verost N copy.jpg

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