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Model T caper

 The stolen Fords. Image - FOX 5 Atlanta

The stolen Fords. Image - FOX 5 Atlanta

Fox 5 news Atlanta reported on a vehicle theft case that you don't see every day.

Coweta County, Ga. investigators shared details on what turned out to be an elaborate theft that included two vintage autos and multiple transactions. A Coweta County family purchased a 1925 Ford Model T roadster and a 1927 Ford Model T truck last December and stored them away in a garage. The two Fords were assumed to be safe and sound. Unfortunately, this was not the case as the family found out when they decided to check up on the cars last month and found an empty garage.

The BOLO Coweta County police department posted pictures of the two missing vehicles on social media. Thanks to a fortuitous stroke of luck and a sharp eye of a deputy, the two cars were spotted during an unrelated hit-and-run investigation inside a body shop.

 Gafford and White - Image FOX 5 Atlanta

Gafford and White - Image FOX 5 Atlanta

Two men, Casey Scott White and Robert Wayne Gafford, were taken into custody. According to investigators, White stole the two vintage Fords and traded them for two newer models, an Infinity and a Lexus. Gafford was accused of selling the Infinity car to a local car lot.

Investigators stated that there are more charges for White that are pending.


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