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Mustang exhibit opening at AACA Museum, Inc. May 18th

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Join the AACA Museum, Inc. for their exhibit opening for Mustangs: Six Generations of Americas Favorite Pony Car on May 18th. This extra special opening allows you to be among the first to see the exhibit while also enjoying light snacks, beverages and the company of other Mustang enthusiasts. Museum members get into this special event for free, so if you're not a member...consider joining! Check out their website to learn about the perks of a membership!

The Museum will also have a panel of extraordinary guests including:

  • Mr. Chuck Cantwell, – project engineer for Shelby American for the GT 350 and other vehicles. Chuck is also an author of the recently published book: Shelby Mustang GT350: My Years Designing, Testing, and Racing Carroll’s Legendary Mustangs.
  • Mr. John Clor – Enthusiast Communications Manager for Ford Performance. John is also the author of two books Mustang 2015 The New Generation and The Mustang Dynasty.
  • Mr. Gale Halderman – Ford Motor Company, Design Director. Gale led the team for the original Mustang through feasibility to production. He received the Industrial Design Society Design Award for the design of the 1965 Mustang.

Ticket Information:

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Event Admission: $15 per person, AACA Museum Members are FREE with your current Membership.

Note: If you are an owner of one of the cars in the exhibit, your ticket will be free.

If you would like to purchase tickets, click HERE.

This exhibit opening is a must for all Mustang enthusiasts!

For more information on the Mustang Exhibit Opening check out the website!


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