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VMCCA adds 'vintage' to official name


The VMCCA enters its 79th year under a new banner: the club’s membership just voted overwhelmingly to change its original name to The Vintage Motor Car Club of America — swapping the word "vintage" for "veteran."

The decision to poll the membership followed several years of discussion and debate among club members about the appropriateness and relevance of our name. Changing language conventions over the years has made the term veteran refer more and more to veterans of military service rather than the veteran cars the club’s founders intended. The club will continue to be known in shorthand as the VMCCA with the motto The Touring Club. The Vintage Motor Car Club of America remains a full-featured club devoted to enthusiasts of original and restored motor vehicles 25 years old or older. The emphasis continues on a full schedule of over the road driving events designed to bring our membership together with their vintage cars to interesting destinations around the country. The club's website lists all the national and regional events planned every year.

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