Noted author and old car enthusiast Clive Cussler has died

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According to multiple media sources, award-winning action/adventure writer and car enthusiast Clive Cussler of Scottsdale, Ariz., has died in his home at the age of 88. No cause of death was provided by Alexis Welby, director of publicity with his publisher, Penguin Random House.

A huge car fan, especially of Full Classic automobiles, Cussler shared his car collection at multiple concours d’elegance events and car shows. He referenced many of his cars in his literary works and made them available to fans at Cussler Museum (, his Colorado collection. There he displayed Duesenbergs as well as Auburns, V-16 Cadillacs and other heavy iron that sometimes starred in his books with his hero Dirk Pitt behind the wheel. The museum also displays many popular postwar cars.

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