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Old Cars Gift Guide 2018

Looking for gifts for your car crazy loved one or maybe even yourself? Old Cars has a few suggestions to help kick the gift giving season into overdrive!

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Chevrolet Panoramic Photo Lithograph

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On Aug. 20, 1915, 178 Chevrolets gathered at the county fair in Lebanon, Pa. It was such a rare and grand occasion, the cars were photographed with a special swing lens to produce a yard-long panoramic photo. Pictured in the image were Classic Six, Light Six and new 490 Chevrolet models.

The H Model Chapter of the VCCA is now offering a 8-1/2 x 40-inch litho print of this photo as a region fundraiser. The sepia-tone print is suitable for framing or can be mounted on a board. The price of $19.95 includes postage.

To order, send a check payable to H Model Chapter care of Don Williams, 160 Koons Ave., Medina, OH 44256. Inquiries can also be directed to

2-in-1 Inflator & Vacuum by Slime

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Slime’s new Inflator & Vacuum 2-in-1 allows clean up of the last crumbs and dirt at the start of the car show, and it will also inflate tires before hitting the road.

The Inflator & Vacuum 2-in-1 works off a 12-volt DC power outlet rated at 15 amps or greater. It’s also compact so it fits in the trunk of any vehicle. The vacuum includes a 32-inch hose and crevice and dusting tools, making it handy for use in automobiles. A clear removable debris canister also makes it obvious when the tank is full.

The inflator can fill a standard automobile tire in approximately six minutes and the DC power cord is long enough for the unit to reach between the power outlet and tires. A digital display clearly shows the tire pressure for added convenience.

For more information, go to or visit a local AutoZone.

The Tailgater

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The TailGater Tire Table is collapsible, portable, and compact, making it perfect for car shows and cruises, tailgating, camping and road side picnics. The table can be used on all fully exposed tires, including some rear spare tires. TailGater Tire Table uses the tire as the main support making it 100 percent stable regardless of the ground conditions. There is also a center retractable and adjustable leg for extra support. Order for $139.95 at, Camping World and Sportsman’s Warehouse.

Mustang II Concept Model

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Although he rarely gets credit for it, the designer for the car that came to be known as the first-generation Mustang was designed by 26-year-old Ford designer Gale Halderman. With less than 24 hours notice, Halderman sketched a racy personal coupe for Lee Iacocca that would appeal to young and old alike. Iacocca took that sketch to Ford brass, including Henry Ford II, andreceived approval.

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Before the production Mustang debut on April 17, 1964, a racy 2+2 Mustang II concept car made the show circuit (it superseded the sporty two-seat, mid-engine concept car to first use the Mustang name in 1962). First appearing at Watkins Glen in 1963, the low Mustang II convertible featured front and rear bucket seats to earn its 2+2 designation, six vertical tail lamps and a protruding oval grille with a “corralled” horse gallopingthrough the center. Unbeknownst to the people who saw the dreamy concept, it was a harbinger of things to come from Ford Motor Co.

When the Mustang was announced as a production car in 1964, the dream was forgotten as people fled to the reality. Fortunately, Ford Motor Co. did not destroy the 1963 Mustang II concept car and it survives in the Detroit Historical Museum where it is not always accessible to visitors. However, Automodello has just released a 1:24 resin model of the Mustang II and now fans can purchase a 1963 Mustang II of their own.

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As usual, the details of Automodello’s model are exacting and accurately line up to factory photos of the full-size car. Halderman’s profile, including quarter panel “kick up” and side scoop, are beautifully replicated, and the profile is a dead-on match for the Mustang II concept car.

The big styling differences between the concept Mustang II and the production Mustang appear at the front and rear of the car, and all of those details are present on the model. There’s the peaked tail panel with six tall, vertical red tail lamp lenses, square covered headlamps that form a point at the front and a lack of bumpers at either end. All the model’s features matches factory photos to a T, and with incredible detail. The red tail lamps lenses have chrome-looking bezels; the headlamp lenses have tiny chrome bars running across them; the grille is an extremely fine mesh material; and the exterior trim parts are crafted in a delicate photoetching material.

Inside, the Mustang II concept was not terribly different from the production 1965 Mustang. This Automodello model of the concept Mustang II features four individual two-tone bucket seats, concave door panels, a console and a twin cockpit-type instrument panel. (The interior can be obscured by a removable convertible top, if the owner chooses.) All of these interior details are captured on the model with the same incredible level of detail (even the door locks are chrome-looking pieces). The rubber tires and chromed mag wheels have also been beautifully scaled down to 1:24. The model is available in the original’s white finish with blue stripe and blue interior inserts, as well as a special red Automodello Tribute version.

In pictures, this model looks as though it’s the actual concept, a testament to Automodello’s craft. To order the white-and-blue model for $249.95 or the red Tribute version for $349.95, go to or call 877-343-2276.

Old Cars 2019 Reader Ride Calendar

Plan your upcoming year with the old Cars 2019 Reader Rides calendar. This 13 month calendar showcases the rides of the Old Cars faithful. Get yours today!

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Bigger and better: 2019 Collector Car Price Guide

The all-new 880-page 2019 Collector Car Price Guide contains more than 290,000 price listings across six price grades and spanning 11 decades. And it covers nearly every mass-produced make and model sold in the United States: sports cars, imported cars, Classics and trucks. Get your copy today!

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