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Old Cars Report opens the vault to valuable database

For the first time, car hobbyists have a definitive information clearinghouse at their fingertips: Old Cars Report.

Turning to the Internet for help and information is nothing new for many collector car enthusiasts. Many Web-savvy car fanatics do it almost every day, taking cyber drives in countless different directions looking for anything and everything related to their favorite cars.

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Finding parts and advice about a favorite car is relatively easy. The Web is full of parts venders, chat rooms, car clubs and other support sites that can help you with the tangible stuff. It’s some of the other stuff — market values, pricing trends, recent prices realized, auction results, VIN information, photos to help with identification, factory engine menus and option lists — THAT’S the really important, hard-to-find stuff, and good luck trying to find all that in one place.

Until now.

CLICK HERE to take the Old Cars Report for a spin.

For the first time, car hobbyists will have a definitive information clearinghouse at their fingertips that will give them all the really important, hard-to-find stuff. Old Cars Report ( makes available the massive databases that have been accumulated over the past four decades by the publishers of Old Cars Weekly and Old Cars Price Guide. Current market pricing, market trends, historic values, recent auction hammer prices, historic data on your make and model car, condition rating scales, photos, current classified listings — Old Cars Report has got it all on a scale that has never been attempted before.

“One of the real beauties of all this is that it really will be one-stop shopping,” noted Ron Kowalke, longtime editor for Old Cars Price Guide and the technical editor for Old Cars Weekly. “There is really no place to go like this (on the Web). Whether you are a first-time collector car buyer, or just an enthusiast, or if you’re a veteran who has several cars of your own, the fact that you can come to this site and look up pricing and current fair market value, and you can back that up by going to the auction results … There just isn’t another source where you can do all this.”

Old Cars Report will not only combine the mountain of research offered in the car hobby’s three definitive bibles — "Standard Catalog of American Cars 1805-1942", "Standard Catalog of American Cars 1946-75", and "Standard Catalog of American Cars 1976-1999" — it will offer an invaluable breakdown of market values and pricing trends for any American production collector car that gets bought and sold on the secondary market. Key information will be distilled into “Reports,” which will include every piece of information we have available on a particular car. These online Reports can be purchased individually for $5.99 each or, for your convenience, an unlimited number of Reports can be obtained for subscription fees of $29.99 a month or $299 a year.

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The information on the Old Cars Reports is culled from: more than 5,000 vehicle listings and profiles dating back more than 200 years in the Standard Catalog series; the hundreds of thousands of photos in the Old Cars Weekly library; the 300,000-plus auction prices realized in the Old Cars Price Guide database, and current market pricing from the most recent issue of Old Cars Price Guide.

Reports will include:
— Historical information on any U.S. production car ever made
— Factory-correct photos
— Defining characteristics of the car, key changes for that model year, identifying features and descriptions of the car
— An explanation of the I.D. numbers for that car
— Production information for every model in a car’s series, including factory price, shipping weight, model and body style numbers and production totals for the model year.
— Engine lists with critical information such as horsepower ratings, bore and stroke, displacement, transmissions, lubrication systems and other engine spec’s
— Chassis features
— Full factory option lists, with original prices (if available)
— Historical footnotes
— Recent auction prices for that model car, dating back 10 years. Listings will include auction, date, condition ratings for each car sold, and gavel prices.
— Current market pricing in six condition categories, from No. 1 show car to No. 6 parts car.
— Exclusive pricing trends for a chosen car showing values from 2000, 1995, 1990, 1985 and 1980 that allows Report recipients to track values for the past three decades.

Clearly, one of the biggest features of the site will be the pricing breakdowns and market trends that will let Report recipients see how their cars have performed on the secondary market over the years, while allowing them to see results of actual auctions that have established pricing trends. “You’d have to take the time to call up each auction company individually to get all these results, and sometimes the auction companies don’t even have their own results for past years,” noted Kowalke. “When you go back five years or more, many of these companies don’t even have their own results, but we do. To even get access online to a company’s results, you usually have to sign up and be a member. To get all this stuff, you’d have to be a member of about a dozen auction companies, and you’re still not going to be able to go back more than a year or two.

“People can use this to check on claims that a car was sent through an auction. You hear, ‘Look, this car actually sold at Barrett-Jackson for X amount of dollars.’ Well, we’ll give you an actual document that it sold at Barrett-Jackson and you can verify it for yourself. And as we all know, documentation is critical.”

Old Cars Weekly Editor Angelo Van Bogart said he is excited that car hobbyists will now have access to all the information that has never been previously available to the public — the kind of information he gets phone calls and e-mails requesting every day. “Old Cars Weekly is sitting on a huge vault of information — literally, it’s a vault — where we have so many factory photos, factory literature, from doing the Standard Catalog series and from publishing Old Cars Weekly,” he said. “Our goal is to put our entire library of photos and information on this site and make it handy to use and access. This is going to be a lot better than going to your local library.”

To get started, visit and click on Old Cars Report. Select the make, model and year of the car you want to learn more about. If you aren’t sure of one of those categories, we offer a Guided Search to help you find it. When the Report is compiled, you can either purchase it or sign up to subscribe to an unlimited number of Reports.

Be sure to register for the Old Cars Report e-newsletter, too, to receive regular updates on new or updated listings and offers for exclusive free content.

CLICK HERE to view the Old Cars Report.

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