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Pocket-size Futurliners now available

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Want your own Futurliner, but don't have a spare $4 million and 33 feet of spare storage space? Then Norev's 1:64 die-cast model is the answer.

Only one previous model of the Futurliner has been created, and it was a large-scale model priced at more than $1,000; it sold out quickly. This new model comes from French manufacturer Norev, and it looks great in pictures.


According to Tiny Toy Cars, which offered Old Cars Weekly sample photos, the model is heavy, thanks to die-cast metal construction, and has an interior, correct lettering, quad headlights, dual wheels at each corner in front and back, quad headlights and even a tiny exhaust tip. The vehicle comes in a heavy-duty plastic display case to protect it from dust, if you can bear to leave it sealed.

This tiny wonder of GM's monster-size traveling bus is just hitting shelves. Order your own 1:64 Futurliner model at or €25,17 (approximately $32 U.S.). If you scoop up 12 models, you can recreate the Parade of Progress on your kitchen floor.

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