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Private online offerings at new auction house

The Finest Automobile Auctions, a new auction house and technology company, is currently offering a private collection available for online private purchase. Here are a few of their current offerings:

1924 Avion Voisin C4S Sport Tourisme


This CCCA full classic has the original body, chassis and engine and is the only known example to exist. It was a complete and original example prior to restoration and is a rare, early, open example of Avion Voisin. Early history of this particular automobile is unknown, however it was delivered new to the United States. This was confirmed through French delivery documents which capture all Voisin’s delivered in France, and on which, it does not appear.

This automobile is fitted with a miles per hour speedometer, rather than kilometers per hour. It was either ordered at the factory for US delivery or was shown at the Automobile Salon at the Hotel Commodore in New York either in 1923 or 1924. The car was advertised in the early '80s from an East Coast dealer who stated it came from a private family's collection on the East Coast. The car was subsequently sold to an important collection in Japan and was brought back to the US in 2007. In late 2014 a total and complete restoration was started by the present owner and completed in early 2016.

1949 Talbot Lago T26C Factory Grand Prix

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Since 1949, this car has competed in over 114 events throughout South America, Europe, U.S.A., Bahamas, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, achieving many podium finishes along the way. This car has now been driven in over 300 track sessions/races on 60 tracks in 18 countries.

1956 Jomar MkII


This car was the 4th TVR Racing Chassis built and the 3rd Jomar Mark II Sports Racing Car to be built by Saidel Sports Racing Cars in Manchester, New Hampshire. The chassis was slated for a Sebring entry that never materialized for Saidel Racing.

Saidel went on to race the Jomar Mk II in the 1957 and 1958 seasons with over 20 documented races. In 1958 Saidel finished 13th overall in the United States Road Racing Championship running against the contemporaries of the day such as Ferrari, Maserati, Jaguar, with drivers like Shelby, Hansgen, Past, Penske, among others.

About The Finest Automobile Auctions

Finest Automobile

The Finest Automobile Auctions is a new auction house focused on delivering the finest experience for collector car enthusiasts and offers customized buying opportunities for onsite and online buyers. A technology company and auction house, The Finest has partnered with PROXIBID, the world's most trusted way to connect buyers and sellers of highly valued items, to bring together some of the most sought after collector cars available at auction.

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