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Reggie Jackson partners with Rick Cole Auctions

California-based Rick Cole Auctions has announced baseball Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson has acquired an ownership interest in the company. Jackson, a longtime car enthusiast and collector, joins company founder Rick Cole and Terry Price as a full partner in the firm.

Reggie Jackson

“I’ve enjoyed my relationship with Terry and Rick for decades and have purchased many cars with the help of their expertise”, states Jackson. “Not only have I acquired numerous automobiles with them to keep, but also a number to eventually resell as well. All of my Ferrari’s…more than a ‘baker’s dozen’…I own today because of Terry’s expertise. Anyone can see I’ve both benefitted and enjoyed my long-time friendship with both men. I’ve always felt they were interested in each side of the trade. Our partnership in the auction field is merely the natural progression of our mutual respect and fondness for each other.”

The three partners have all known each other just as long, and according to Price, “our business relationship will simply be a natural progression of our long friendship and mutual love of cars. Most of all it will be a lot of fun.”

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