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Scrapbook: 2005 Iola Old Car Show

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The grass in front of the F&W/Krause Publications building was filled with class during the 2005 Iola Old Car Show. This invitation-only area is known as the Blue Ribbon Concours area, and selected cars include everything from asphalt-shaking muscle cars to elegant Classics, and everything in between, before, and after. Cars must be to original factory standards and in excellent restored or fine unrestored condition, and there were 468 preregistered Blue Ribbon Concours vehicles at this year's event.

The 2005 event included more than the average amount of woodies and wagons, as well, as that was the theme for the show. Look for Chevrolet vehicles, the 2006 theme, to dominate this July.

Variety abounds in the postwar show car field and the modified sections at the Iola Old Car Show. There, you'll find 1969 Buick Electra 225s, 1957 Chevrolets, Dodge trucks, 1940 Ford hot rods, Studebakers, even a Volvo, as well as nearly everything else under the automotive sun.

The Iola Old Car Show is always looking for premium cars to display. Log onto for more information to display your car or truck in the blue-ribbon field, under the theme tent, or in the postwar and modified fields.

If you missed the show cars in 2005, enjoy this small sample of what was available from all the display fields!

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