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On my way to an event a few weeks ago, I stopped in Madison, Wis., to pickup a set of lever action shock absorbers that Worldwide Auto Parts rebuilt for my MGTD. Visiting Peter Caldwell's business was truly a shocking experience. Can you imagine a 10,000 sq ft building stuffed with shock absorbers for British sports cars? Peter travels the country "harvesting" the shocks to be rebuilt by his specially trained staff. Worldwide repairs over 5,000 shocks per year. Peter told me that a new market niche has also opened up. It seems that the lever shocks used on Austin-Healey Sprites and MG Midgets are perfect for use in many hot rod chassis being built today. Heck, they may even work well on older Fords in stock condition--who knows? In any case, Peter is the guy to see if you need lever action sports car shocks rebuilt. Call him at 800-362-1025 or 608-223-9400 or email

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