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Stolen Hurst/Olds found stripped, 3 still missing

One of four Hurst/Olds cars stolen from the National Meet last weekend has been recovered, but stripped

Recovered was the 1979 black and gold Hurst/Olds. According to owner, the basic body was not damaged and the engine and transmission are still intact. The gold exterior paint had been spray painted black to make it less noticeable. It was missing the wheels/tires, black interior and chrome.

As of press time, no suspects had been arrested and the car's parts were still missing. Car hobbyists are asked to be on the lookout for those parts to appear at swap meets, Craigs List, eBay, or other popular used-part venues.

Also still missing are four posters of Linda Vaughn and a 1983 copy of Hot Rod magazine with Warren Johnson on the cover w/autograph. Look for those items to be sold separately.

For a complete list of the stolen cars, with photos, CLICK HERE >>

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