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Three Men Indicted for Stealing '37 Packard

Crime doesn't pay. Three men charged with stealing a 1937 Packard 120 convertible earlier this year from a Maine residence while the owner vacationed in Florida  reportedly attempted to sell the car for a mere $30,000.
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PORTLAND, Maine -- Three men accused of stealing a truck, trailer and the vintage car inside the trailer from a Naples home in March will face trial after being indicted by a Cumberland County grand jury last week.

Bridgton residents Joel Jordan, 23, Matthew Jarvinen, 23, and Paul Grenier, 24, each will answer to one count of Class B theft and Class C criminal mischief charges for stealing the truck, trailer, and antique automobile from John Betz of Naples.

According to statements made to police by Jarvinen and his girlfriend, she drove the three men to Betz's house on the evening of March 4.

There they stole a GMC 3500, a 26-foot trailer, and the 1937 Packard convertible inside the trailer and drove to Fireside Inn on Washington Street in Auburn with the intent of selling them.

The 1937 Packard 120 convertible was reportedly in showroom condition and valued at $120,000

According to local news reports, Jarvinen told authorities that he made numerous calls to try to sell the truck, trailer, and car.

The men were initially hoping to get $100,000 but Jordan eventually made arrangements for someone to buy all three for $30,000.

The vehicles were recovered before the men could sell it.

The car was recovered March 11, with $2,000 worth of damage, at the Fireside Inn. Lt. Don Foss of the Cumberland County Sheriffs Office said an employee of the Fireside Inn saw a news broadcast about the stolen property, and then saw the vehicles in the hotel parking lot.

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