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Don't Leave Your Classic Parked in the Garage When it Snows in St. Paul

A North Dakota man was cited for a snow emergency parking violation in St. Paul, Minn., for a car he says he hasn't used in a decade.
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A Fargo, North Dakota man was left scratching his head recently after he received a letter in the mail stating that his car had been ticketed along Robert Street in St. Paul, Minn., during a snow emergency.

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What confused Brain Nelson the most was that the notice said that it was his 1941 Ford that had received the $50 fine.

There is only one slight problem; his dust-covered ’41 Ford hasn’t left his garage in more than a decade.

“It’s just nuts, isn’t it?” Nelson asked KARE Channel 11 reporter Boyd Huppert in a recent interview.

The owner of the broken-down Ford figures that someone simply wrote down a license plate number incorrectly which, in turn, created the confusion.

Easy enough to fix, right?

Wrong. A quick call to the Ramsey County Traffic Violations Bureau left the Fargo resident even more confused when a county worker informed him that he would have to personally make the 250-mile trip to their office in order to correct the error.

A trip that he most likely won’t be making in his ’41 Ford.

You can read the outcome of this bureaucratic mix-up on the Channel 11 Web site and video of the car that St. Paul authorities ticketed for parking in a snow zone by Clicking Here.

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