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Summit City Chapter offers up a hands on car experience

On May 21st members of the Summit City Chapter of the Vintage Motor Car Club of America visited Fort Wayne Community Schools' Anthis Career Center Automotive Technology Center for a hands on car experience. The career center has about 120 students working in engine/transmission, brakes/steering and suspension, automotive electrical, collision repair and paint technologies.

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They had two cars on lifts and other cars available to look and sit in. The members were available to answer questions and talk about features in the old cars. The questions and conversations with students were lively and very interesting. Students were interested in how things were “done back in the day.” 

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At the end of the day they met with Phil Rickard’s Automotive Technology class where students talked about the modern Hemi engine that they were rebuilding along with differences between the modern Hemi and the 50’s era Hemi. While the club didn’t view the day as a recruitment event, they were able to open the students’ eyes to the changes and similarities in past and present automotive technology. It was a fun and informative day had by all.

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