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Take a Bite Out of Crime: Man's Gamble in Casino Parking Lot Proves Fatal

Read more about a would-be car thief's final mistake

Miami, FL'Shortly after dark one day last week, a would-be car thief jumped into a lake alongside the Miccosukee Resort and Convention Center near Miami, FL. in a flawed attempt to escape arrest.

While the guy's decision to try and steal a car was clearly a poor one, it was his next decision that proved to be a giant mistake. Make that his last giant mistake.

According to local news reports, in his fervent attempt to escape the long arm of the law, the man failed to take heed of the warning signs posted along the banks of the lake alerting casino-goers and would-be-car-thieves that the water was infested with alligators.
Divers found the man's body in their third search of the lake the following day.

According to a spokesman for the Miccosukee Tribe, which owns the casino, the body had alligator teeth marks on the upper torso.

The rest of the details are as murky as the swamp water in the Everglades.
The alligator believed responsible for attacking and then killing the man was later captured and transported to All American Gator in Pembroke Park. Taking a cue from the would-be-thief, police report that the alligator also tried to elude capture and attempted to escape into the swamp.

Brian Woods, owner of All American Gator told local newspapers: "Some alligators just have a nasty disposition and he was just a nasty gator.

"He seemed to have no fear of people."

The alligator is being kept in storage until the medical examiner's office can inspect the reptile.

Workers near the car park said the alligator was well known and had been given the nickname Poncho.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website, there were just 242 unprovoked alligator attacks on humans -- 15 fatal -- between 1948 and 2004.

However, this is believed to have been the first time that an alligator has taken the law into its own hands…or teeth as in the case in point.

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