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The California Automobile Museum is looking for vehicles for upcoming exhibit

The California Automobile Museum is looking for a variety of vehicles for an upcoming special exhibit about road trips, focusing on the 1950s, 60s, and 70s.

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The exhibit will run from late September 2018 through late February 2019.

Below is our “wish list” of vehicles!

They are open to viable alternatives as well.

  • Model T KampKar; alternative of other conversion of a 1910s or 1920s vehicle for travel and/or camping
  • Typical 1950s base model sedan; Ford, Chevy, Plymouth, or Dodge
  • Ford Country Squire from 1955 to the early 1960s; ideally with wood paneling; alternative of Chevy 210 Station Wagon
  • 1950s-60s Rambler/Nash or Kaiser Vagabond with factory modifications for travel such as folding seats
  • Classic "Canned Ham" Trailer from mid 1950s to mid 1960s; preferably accompanied by appropriate vehicle
  • Small Winnebago from 1960s or 70s
  • Big 1970s station wagon; Chrylser Town & Country, Ford LTD, or Chevy Kingswood
  • Customized van or truck from the 1970s for travel and/or camping; VW Westfalia
  • 1950, 60s, or 70s large motorcycle for touring; ideally with small trailer; Harley, BMW, or Honda
  • Minivan from 1984-2005; preferred earlier

For more information or to offer to loan your vehicle for this display, please contact the Museum’s curator, Carly, at

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California Automobile Museum
2200 Front St

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