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The Chattanooga Motorcar Festival returns to the riverfront October 15-17

The Chattanooga Motorcar Festival will be returning this year on October 15-17.
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The Chattanooga Motorcar Festival will be returning this year on October 15-17 with all proceeds benefiting neuroscience research through Fifty Plus Foundation, INC. The-three day competitive event for authentic vintage and historic cars holds a road rally, closed-street race and ad concours d’elegance -- located along the historic picturesque riverfront in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Alongside the festival, Fifty Plus Foundation approaches its 10th year of raising funds for Alzheimer’s and neuroscience support through the racing team, Highway to Help. The foundation partners with Chattanooga Motorcar festival to localize the support and research that will help to find a cure.

Funds raised through the Chattanooga Motorcar Festival go to The NeuroScience Center at CHI Memorial and NeuroScience Innovation Foundation -- directly supporting the creation of transitional research space by funding equipment and operating suite infrastructure. The two work hand in hand to advance neurological medicine and provide hope and benefit for all affected. 

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