The Isky Roadster joins display at Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed

Ed Iskenderian is famous throughout the world of racing circles for his racing cam designs. The Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed has added the Isky Roadster, as well as other historic pieces associated with Iskenderian, at their museum located in Lincoln, Nebraska.
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The Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed announced that they have added the legendary Isky Roadster to their main display.

Along with The roadster, they have also added the original cam grinder that perhaps started the career of a young Ed. Along with the cam grinder, there is another historic piece of automotive racing in the form of the only pair of Maxi heads know to exist today.

To learn more about the Isky Roadster CLICK HERE.

To learn more about Ed Iskenderian CLICK HERE.


Visit the Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed to see these, and other pieces of automotive racing history.

Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed

Museum of American Speed
599 Oakcreek Drive
Lincoln, NE

Open Hours:
May-September: Monday-Friday: 12pm-4:30pm, Saturday: 9am-1pm
October-April: Mondays & Fridays: 12pm-4:30pm, Saturday: 9am-1pm

COVID-19 Restrictions: Capacity Limits, No Guided Tours, No large groups, 2 hour time limit, Masks required, Temperature checks and screening questions asked upon entry, Call 402-323-3166 with any questions

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