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The National Packard Museum celebrates 1901 Packard homecoming

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(WARREN, OHIO) - The National Packard Museum announced that the fifth oldest surviving Packard automobile, a 1901 Model C, serial number C-72, will arrive for exhibit on Friday, December 7, 2018. This freshly restored vehicle is on loan from Terry Martin of Leavittsburg, Ohio. Mr. Martin is a founder of the National Packard Museum and served several terms as President of the Board.

Packard introduced its Model C Series in November, 1900. It was one of the first cars to feature a steering wheel at a time when most other vehicles still used a tiller for steering. It was powered by a 183 cubic-inch single cylinder engine that generated 12 horsepower on a 76-inch wheelbase. It was also one of the first cars to use the common “H” shift pattern transmission patented by James Ward Packard. It sold new from the factory in Warren for $1,500 (about $45,000 in today’s dollars).

Martin’s Model C Packard has an illustrious history. It was sold new in Buffalo, New York to John M. Satterfield, the scion of a prominent Buffalo family. In September, 1901, Satterfield entered the car in a 500 mile Endurance Run from New York City to Buffalo, sponsored by the Automobile Club of America. Competing against other wealthy gentlemen, including James Ward Packard and John Jacob Astor, Satterfield had successfully reached Rochester when the competition was called off after President William McKinley’s death in Buffalo.

Satterfield owned the car until 1910, when he sold it back to the Packard Motor Car Company, by then located in Detroit, Michigan. Packard proudly exhibited the early Warren-built car at Packard dealerships around the country until March 5, 1929, when it was badly damaged in a fire while on display at the Los Angeles Automobile Show.

After the fire, the vehicle’s remains were shipped back to Detroit, where the engine and chassis were refurbished for display in promotional exhibits. On August 17, 1956, after Packard’s Detroit operations were closed, the remains of C-72 were shipped to a Studebaker-Packard warehouse in South Bend, Indiana where they remained for several years. Ultimately, the vehicle was transferred to the Studebaker National Museum, where it remained in storage until 1992, when Terry Martin acquired it in exchange for restoration services.

This important piece of Warren, Ohio and Packard Motor Car history will remain on exhibit at the museum indefinitely.

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The National Packard Museum is located at 1899 Mahoning Avenue, N.W., Warren, Ohio. Museum hours are: Tuesday through Saturday from 12:00 pm-5:00 pm, Sunday from 1:00 pm- 5:00 pm, closed Mondays.

Admission: Adults- $8.00 Seniors (65+) $5.00, Children (7-12) $5.00, under 7 free.

For more information visit or PHONE: 330-394-1899.

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