Town and Countrys Tabbed With Classic Status

After years of denials, the 1941-48 Chrysler Town and Country was added to the list of "Approved Full Classic Cars" by the Classic Car Club of America.
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In early September, the 1941-48 Chrysler Town and Country was added to the Classic Car Club of America’s list of “Approved Full Classic Cars.”

Old Cars Weekly reached Bob Joynt, of Batavia, Ill., who is head of the CCCA Classification Committee. Joynt said the approval is for 1941-48 Town and Country models only.

Terry Johnson of Colorado, who has pushed for years for this change, said, “I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally achieve this designation at CCCA. I guess the old saying of never, ever give up is demonstrated here.”

The wood-bodied Town and Country first arrived in 1941, bowing as a unique, station-wagon-like “barrel-back” sedan offered on in Chrysler’s Royal Six series. This version was also built on the Windsor Six chassis in 1942. One Saratoga Eight version was produced that year.

In 1946, the Town and Country was redesigned. The 1946-48 cars actually included a two-door sedan (one prototype made), a two-door hardtop (seven made), two four-door sedans (six-cylinder all years and eight-cylinder in 1946 only) and a convertible. The wood-bodied Town and Countrys were again redesigned in 1949, with the same boxier styling carrying over into the early 1950s.

Chrysler then switched to all-steel Town and Country station wagons. Over the years, the model name has been dropped and revived, including when it was dusted off in the 1980s for use on K-car-based convertibles and wagons.

Classic status for the 1946-48 Town and Countrys makes those among the few postwar cars that the CCCA has approved as Full Classics. Others include 1946-1948 Lincoln Continentals, Bentleys, Delahayes and Rolls-Royce models and 1946-48 cars that are virtually identical to their CCCA-approved prewar counterparts.

Chrysler Town and Country owners interested in joining the CCCA can contact the club at: Classic Car Club of America Inc., 1545 Des Plaines River Rd., Suite 7, Des Plaines, IL 60018-2208.

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