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Truck from scratch in less than 100 hours

Hagerty Team builds 1946 Ford pickup truck ‘from scratch’ in less than 100 hours
using renown Hershey Swap Meet parts


The 1946 Ford Pickup on the Road

A team of classic car experts from Hagerty built a drivable truck in just 95 hours using only what they sourced from last weekend’s Hershey Swap Meet in Hershey, PA. Beginning with the bare rolling chassis and cab from a 1946 Ford pickup, the team of four Hagerty employees rose to their self-imposed “Swap Meet to Street” challenge.

In an effort to illustrate the accessibility of the car collector hobby, the total cost of the project was under $10,000. The team is currently driving the truck back to Hagerty’s Traverse City, MI headquarters – a 700 mile journey. The build was live-streamed on YouTube and full-length coverage and time-lapse films are available here:

“The camaraderie and level of engagement – both onsite and from those watching the livestream across the globe – were truly inspiring,” said Hagerty Content Writer Tara Hurlin. “It was great to see automotive enthusiasts uniting together to help us with the build by spending their time sorting parts and providing tips. We even had people drop-off donated parts because they really wanted to see us finish the truck.”

While the truck already had refurbished brakes and suspension, and the team was allowed to purchase basic supplies from a local parts store (fluids, filters and bulk electric wire), every other part was sourced from the Hershey Meet. The team used either stock or modified parts for the truck, depending on what was available.

“I’m typically at home tinkering on my cars by myself," said Brad Philips, a Hagerty Client Relations Manager. “So it was really great to work together with the team to finish this project.”

Each team member on the Challenge had a different area of expertise. Hagerty Social Media Analyst Matt Lewis has a background in automotive electronics. Parts Supply Specialist Devin Reckow builds race cars in his spare time. Hurlin is a vintage hot rod builder while Philips is a vintage rally driver.


The Hagerty Team on Day 1 of the “Swap Meet to Street” Challenge

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