TV series wants to help you overhaul your car collection

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Do you have a personal collection of over a dozen cars? Are more than half of them unrestored? Perhaps you’re looking to thin the herd?

You’re a car lover, and you always will be. You have a crazy big car collection – even too big, if that’s possible. The experts at Nerd TV would love to visit your collection, while offering a chance to be part of an exciting new television series for a major U.S. network.

Perhaps you’d like to know what the experts would value your cars at, and what price they could get for you if you’re thinking of selling some – perhaps to a good home.

Maybe you’ve inherited the cars from a loved one. Maybe your circumstances have changed; you simply want to spend more of your time with family and less of it maintaining the vehicles. Maybe you’re sick of looking at rust and want to get back behind the wheel of a running car.

If interested, please contact Remember to include your name, location, phone number, details of some of your main vehicles (make, model, year) and if possible, photos of the collection too. All information about you and your cars will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Nerd TV is an established UK television producer commissioned to produce this series on behalf of the U.S. network

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