Volunteers come to aid of waterlogged museum

Over 100 cars and trucks were swamped in 14 to 18 inches of muddy water at the National Automotive & Truck Museum (NATMUS) after a damaging flood in Auburn, Ind. in March. A rush of volunteers came to the rescue.
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The National Automotive & Truck Museum in Auburn, Ind.,
couldn’t escape recent flooding.

A group of dedicated volunteers did some heavy lifting lately to help the National Automotive & Truck Museum (NATMUS) get back on its feet after some damaging flooding in Auburn, Ind.

On March 11, parts of Indiana were inundated by high water, including a large portion of Auburn. NATMUS borders a creek that overflowed and found its lower level, which houses about 110 vehicles, drenched in 14 to 18 inches of muddy water.

Many of the cars had significant water in the cabins and some even had water in the drive train. The trucks faired a little better due to their height. “Still we had over 100 vehicles that needed to be dried out and cleaned,” said Don Grogg, the museum’s executive director Grogg said he pleaded for volunteers while doing a local TV interview and the next day “I had one call after another volunteering. The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum offered assistance, the Kruse National Military History Museum sent in their staff to help clean. In the first 11 days, I had over 330 hours of volunteer work logged.

“One gentleman from Kendallville, Indiana (Clint Hammond) saw this on TV and took it upon himself to contact Griot’s Garage to see if they could help us out.”

Grogg also received an e-mail from Griot’s Garage, which gave the museum various cleaning supplies, brushes, chamois, buckets and other needed items “to really put our museum back in tip top shape,” according to Grogg, who estimated the total value of the supplies at about $700.

“It shows the good old American Spirit to help one another is still alive and well in the USA,” he said. “My hat is off to all the volunteers and especially to Griot’s Garage and the other businesses that donated to us in our time of need.”

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