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Walter P. Chrysler Museum closes doors to public


According to CEMA (Chrysler Employee Motorsport Association), the Walter P. Chrysler Museum will once again be closed to the public.

The museum had re-opened on a limited basis in 2016, but once again, will close its doors to the public. FCA (current owners) decided to convert the building into office space.

 Below is a statement from the museum directed to its volunteers.

After opening to the public on a limited basis through 2016, I wanted to let you know that the Walter P. Chrysler Museum is being converted into much needed office space with Dec. 18, 2016, being the last day it will be open to the public.

When we reopened the museum for limited weekends this year, it allowed us to expose more people to our rich heritage. As we move into an exciting new chapter at FCA US, rest assured that the Company will preserve and maintain the integrity of our historical vehicle collection. We will continue to show them at internal and external events, and display them around CTC and other facilities.

You have been the true ambassadors for this Company and the thousands of men and women that have been part of it for the past century. We appreciate your volunteerism and passion for our history.

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