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Want a Permanent Place at the Iola Car Show?

Over the years, the Iola Car Show has had the good fortune to meet, work with and get to know a lot of great people. From the casual enthusiast to the serious collector, buyers, sellers, vendors and volunteers alike have come together over the past 45 years and been a part of the melting pot that is the Iola Car Show. At the show, they like to say their core product is memories.

The Iola Car Show office has received regular inquiries over that span from folks who’d like to honor, memorialize or surprise a friend or loved one with a landmark of some sort on the grounds. This has been done in variety of ways, including trees and plants, engraved benches and donations. In the spring of 2017, grounds improvements literally ‘paved the way’ for what the staff thinks is a better solution.

The 45th annual event introduced to attendees the new Tower Square. Surrounding the iconic landmark Iola Car Show tower, new concrete was poured and thanks to a generous sponsorship from Epoxy Creations of Shiocton, WI, a beautiful epoxy covering and logos were included in the project. Pavers have been laid as inserts on all four sides of the tower, with the idea that these can be engraved to memorialize people and businesses who want a permanent place on the grounds.

“The tower remains the single most recognizable symbol of the Iola Car Show,” said PR and Marketing Director Joe Opperman, “During the show it’s a place for information, taking photos and is a hub of activity. It’s central to the event and was a perfect fit for this sort of offering.”

If the Iola Car Show has been a part or your life or someone you care about, you might consider this as a Christmas or Birthday idea. Pavers are available in three different sizes to accommodate large and small names and messages. Pavers purchased this year will be completed prior to the 2018 show, and certificates will be mailed out after processing to signify paver ownership. This is a great way to give a permanent place at the show to someone who’s enjoyed it over the years.

4x8 inch brick: $140

8x8 inch brick: $240

8x16 inch brick: $390

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