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Williams-Clyne Gateway Exhibit now complete with Corvettes

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HERSHEY, Pa. _ The Williams-Clyne Gateway Exhibit Gallery announced earlier this summer is now complete and started receiving visitors during Hershey Meet Week.

This vintage automobile showroom is adorned with three Top Flight Corvettes from the National Corvette Restorer's Society (NCRS). Current vehicles include 1953, 1956 and 1962 Corvettes, along with period dealership advertising and sales materials. Exhibit cases highlight additional historic Corvette materials and information on the NCRS and its highly-regarded judging process. All three cars have strong provenance and credentials. The 1953 is a prestigious double Duntov Award Winner and has passed a difficult Performance Verification test. It is also a Top flight Award winner. It is one of only two cars to have received two Duntov Awards. The 1956 on display has 44,000 original miles but has been meticulously disassembled, cleaned, rebuilt and refinished. There were only 93 built with this exterior and interior color combination. The 1962 Corvette is a fuel injected "Big Brake" Corvette. 

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  • NCRS Judging Standard in Flight judging: Cars are to be judged to the standard of vehicle appearance, and as equipped, at the time and point of final assembly by the Chevrolet Motor Division of General Motors Corporation. Presentation for judging is to be in the condition normally associated with that of a Corvette which has undergone the then-current standard Chevrolet Dealer New Car Preparation for delivery to a purchaser, exclusive of any dealer or purchaser inspired additions, deletions or changes. NCRS judging is related to vehicles from 1999 and older.
  • Performance Verification (PV) award entails that the car passes a 137 item test including a ten-mile road test. No item can fail. The owner has 15 minutes to repair the first failure. Not completing the first repair within 15 minutes or a second failed item results in failing the PV test. The purpose of the test is to determine if the car entered is correctly equipped and able to function and perform as designed, intended and expected when new.
  • To earn a NCRS-Zora Arkus Duntov-Mark-Of-Excellence Award the car must achieve a Flight Judging score of 97% at a Regional event, pass the PV test described above and then achieve a second 97% in Flight Judging at a National Convention. The NCRS Judging system is a rigorous 4500 point system judged on originality and condition of each line item; e.g., tires - 30 points originality and 30 points condition.

The exhibit was guest curated by NCRS Archives Director, Mr. Bill Sangrey. This first selection of vehicles will be on view throughout October and November then will be rotated out for a new assortment for December and January, A final change will take place in February for through the conclusion of the exhibit. Visitors can look forward to seeing a 1963 split-window Corvette 327, a 1965 Corvette with a 396 cubic inch big block engine among several others in the months ahead. 

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