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Wisconsin bills fail to pass before legislative deadline

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Several bills introduced in Wisconsin in 2018 are now dead as they failed to pass before the legislative deadline. 

  • Legislation (A.B. 554/S.B. 458) introduced in Wisconsin that would allow vehicles manufactured without a front license-plate bracket and collectors’ special interest vehicles the option to display only a single license plate on the rear of the vehicle. The bill failed to receive a vote in the House Committee on Transportation before the legislative deadline.
  • Legislation (S.B. 647) introduced in Wisconsin to eliminate the requirement of buyer identification cards to purchase vehicles from the salvage vehicle pool. Currently, only dealers may purchase scrappage vehicles at auction. This bill would have eliminated that requirement and would allow individuals the opportunity to purchases salvage vehicles. In exchange, salvage vehicle dealers would be required to keep records of each vehicle sold from the pool. The bill did not receive a hearing in the Senate Committee on Transportation and Veterans Affairs.
  • Legislation (S.B. 864) would have allowed half-track former military vehicles to be registered as special interest vehicles. Under current law, half-tracks are not included in the list of former military vehicles allowed to register in the state. The bill failed to receive a hearing and vote in the Senate Committee on Transportation and Veterans Affairs before the legislative deadline.

Thank you for voicing support for these bills.


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